I want to focus on education, the economy, the environment, and voting rights.


Our education system is doing well, but still facing many challenges. We have to ensure students from Pre-K through college are getting the help they need to succeed. Our legislature has fully funded education (finally), but are our schools really getting what they need? Our school buildings, teachers, and students should all be provided for. Are they? We must make sure we are doing what we can to see they are getting the proper resources. Education should be about more than just dollars and cents. We have to evaluate all of our schools and make sure every school is provided for. We need to listen to administrators, teachers, and students to make our schools the best they can be.

-Schools generally doing well, some schools still need help.
-School support is more than just funding.
-Listen to administrators, teachers, and students.

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America has been doing better since the crash of 2008, but that success has not reached everyone. In our district we have too many living in poverty. The poverty rate is 20-30% in our area. We have a growing economy, but not everybody is benefiting. We need an economy that will help everyone. We have to find ways to provide more jobs, higher pay, and maintain a safety net for those still struggling to get by. People sometimes need a hand up, not a hand out. We must recognize even in America, some people still need a helping hand. Our economy has to work for everyone. We should help people find jobs through education, on the job training, and training people for manufacturing and other skills. The economy can keep growing if we help people grow too.

-People are looking for better jobs.
-Workers need higher pay.
-Education and job training are the keys to help.

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The environment has faced many challenges in the past. We thought we turned that corner and realized how important our world around us is, but now the environment is under attack once again. We should look for ways to help save the world that is facing environmental threats from climate change. Instead, our government is ignoring those threats and is going back to the same bad policies that put us in danger in the first place. We must protect our drinking water, coastal areas, and wildlife. We should invest in clean energy that will protect the environment and create jobs. We can protect the environment and our economy can still benefit too.

-Climate change is real.
-Protect water and wildlife.
-Create clean energy jobs.

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Are your voting rights safe? Republicans have been attacking voting and voting rights for years. Republicans have gerrymandered to extremes never seen before, going so far even the courts can no longer look the other way. Now republicans are attacking the courts. They are limiting voting times, closing polling places, and are purging polling lists. We need independent commissions to redraw voting districts. Americans should not have to worry about voting or fighting for their voting rights. We should make it easier to vote, not put more hurdles up making it harder to vote.

-Everyone has the right to vote.
-Independent redistricting committees are needed.
-Protecting voting rights should be a top priority.

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What issues are important to you?

There are going to be many issues important to many people, I'll just touch briefly on a few more things here.

America spends more than any other country on health care, and Americans do not always get the best care. We must improve our health care system, which would help millions of people and the economy. Some type of universal health care is needed to bring down costs, and allow people to get the help they need. If people aren't spending so much of their money on health care costs, they can use that money for other things they need, and not be worried about going broke in order to live.

America has a problem with gun violence and people shouldn't be afraid of some common sense gun reforms. The majority of Americans agree changes are needed. We should not have let the assault weapon ban expire. We should ban bump stocks and large capacity magazines. We must have a background check system that checks everybody including a better system to review violent and repeat offenders. We must address the needs of people struggling with mental health issues so they don't become a threat to themselves or others. America is suffering from an epidemic, and Congress should approve funds for the CDC to study reasons why this is happening and what can be done. We also need to work with law enforcement to address other areas where changes might be necessary.

Women and the LGBTQ community are often targets of backwards legislation. That has to stop. Women's rights, including their health care rights, should not be attacked. If legislators really want to know how they can help women, they need to start talking to more women. Also, nobody should be attacked for who they are or who they love. Any legislation attacking people for who they are is discriminatory and just plain wrong. America is better than that. We are better than that.

Please let me know what other issues you think I should discuss here, or if you have a specific question, please email me at

Be sure to check that you are registered to vote and know your polling place!

Thank you!